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What’s Trending for 2018

Whats Trending for 2020

07 Dec 2019

As experts in restaurant interior design, it’s extremely important that we keep our fingers on the pulse at all times


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This means that we must always keep a good idea as to what is appealing for visitors and diners across the nation for many years ahead. How do we know what’s most appealing for diners looking ahead into the future? Simple – we ask people – and we work closely with a wide variety of clients to get a fantastic cross-section of the industry. From outdoor restaurant furniture to touches of class and simplicity that you may not have considered before, GBN Primo are here to help you keep up to the masses for the year ahead.

Getting furniture perfected is absolutely key for making sure that your restaurant, café or eatery keeps up with the competition. This has never been truer for restaurants looking ahead to 2018, as glamour and opulence are becoming much-loved aesthetic staples of even the more affordable establishments on the high street – and thankfully, luxury touches are becoming more and more accessible to wider audiences. Why deprive your customers of high quality furniture and fittings when you can implement a superb series of design choices for less? Getting your furniture looking fantastic and well-suited to your décor is always a must – and GBN Primo can always help you in this regard.

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Attractive furniture that can be easily moved, stored and offers a wide range of comforts – from sofas to super-cosy bar seating, GBN Primo has you covered.



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One of the most important factors to bear in mind for restaurant interior design in 2018 is space – diners need space to breathe, eat, drink and relax more than ever – as open-plan dining is becoming more and more commonplace in design requests up and down the country. There’s no need to get rid of all of your furniture – but emphasising space has never been a bad thing.

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It’s also time to consider outdoor restaurant seating for the year ahead, particularly the warmer months – al fresco dining is becoming more and more popular, and failing to act now with outdoor provisions could set your establishment behind the pack. Finally, it’s always a good idea to consider how your restaurants is set to perform long-term. While trends that are on the way for 2018 may seem fairly short-term, don’t be deceived – much of the aesthetic and practical choices being made right now will stand for years to come – meaning you will do well partnering with a firm that knows all about keeping you in the contemporary eye for the foreseeable future.

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