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Tips Cleaning Your Pub or Restaurant

01 Dec 2019

Cleaning your Restaurant furniture


Many of the materials used in contract furniture are easy to care for

Restaurant Furniture – Restaurant & Cafe Table

Cleaning your Restaurant furniture  

Restaurant Furniture - Restaurant & Cafe Table

. We at GBN will provide our own specific care instructions but below we’ll give you some general hints and tips on looking after specific materials as they all respond differently to care. And it’s really important to ensure your staff are trained-up on what to use as you will then be able to avoid damage to your  furniture.


Often a damp cloth can rid of any basic stain as long as it’s acted of quickly enough. Some special fabrics will require special products that you should have at hand before a stain occurs so you can remove it as quickly as possible.

Keep upholstered furniture away from radiators and out of direct sunlight if possible as this can discolour and harden the material. Good ventilation and not being too close to the kitchen will help with easily absorbed and unwanted odours.

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Never use a detergent on leather. Just using a damn cloth, make sure you use gentle strokes and then repeat using clean water. Periodic professional cleaning is recommended.

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Chrome makes a bar or eating area look fabulous but only when it’s highly polished. Wipe down daily to remove dust and clean regularly with your product to maintain shine. If there are any spillages or fluid is left to dry on this type of pub furniture, rust spots may appear. Never fear, these can be removed simply by crumpling up aluminium foil and dipping it in water to and rubbed against the spot.



Clean with mild soap/detergent and water and make sure any excess is removed.


Reydon Table

Wood will age with time and this will be accelerated when exposed to sunlight. Wood products can be cleaned with a water soluble solution to remove any build-up of grease and grime and make sure you remove any excess water immediately and never use abrasive cleaners.

Glass and mirror

Can be cleaned using a specific glass cleaner, or simply use vinegar on a cloth to remove streaks. Never use just water as there’s a good chance it will dry and leave it looking more dirty than when

you started!


Read more on the choosing the right furniture for your pub here.

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