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Preparing Your Restaurant, Cafe or Bar for the Autumn and Christmas Seasons

20 Nov 2019

Restaurant dining tables,

While it may be easy or even reasonable to assume that the vast majority of traffic you’ll see will come through your doors during spring and summer.


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restaurant dining tables,

It’s the colder months you need to look out for. After all, shoppers will be more keen to come in out of the cold to enjoy hot drinks and warm meals with comfortable seating and an ambience to boot – and if you’re going to really impress your patrons this coming season, you’re going to need to start thinking about what you yourself look for in the perfect autumn/winter eatery or bar. Think changes to your décor, your restaurant dining tables, and even the music you may have on your in-house sound system!

Dining tables are a great place to start. In summer, restaurant dining tables may largely take the form of picnic benches or light, pale wooden construction – there’s no point leading with heavy furniture that’s too dark during the warmer months. In the colder seasons, however, the world’s your oyster. Lead in with cosy, homely wooden furniture and designs to help ease your patrons in from the cold – whether they’re just popping in for a coffee or staying for dinner.

Preparing Your Restaurant, Café or Bar for the Autumn and Christmas Seasons

As with restaurant dining tables, all cafes should start considering coffee tables for the months ahead. Christmas is a time when many of us like to get together and socialise – and low-built coffee tables will allow friends and family to comfortably drink and laugh together in maximum comfort – again, consider what is comfortable for you and your family at home – and bring it into your workplace!

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restaurant dining tables,

Bar tables, too, are a nice touch. Couples like to enjoy cosy dates the closer they get to Christmas, meaning you should really think about allowing people to come closer together without having to move furniture around. Bar tables, as with certain restaurant dining tables, can really inspire closeness – and with the right level of ambient lighting and atmosphere, too, you can create some genuine winter magic in your décor and set-up alone.

Primo help businesses of all shapes and sizes build unique eatery seating and bar furniture arrangements – whether it’s hot and sunny outside or if it’s blowing a gale. Allow your patrons to come and settle in with maximum comfort – with inspired seating solutions this autumn/winter. Christmas will be here before you know it!





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