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How to capture and prepare for the Festive Trade

05 Jan 2020

Christmas 2019

Are you ready?

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So, the GCSE results have come out and attention is turning to the new school year. For many this is also the time to start planning for Christmas. A few excessively organised mums have shopped and wrapped presents already, but for most of us, we are clinging onto the last days of summer and trying not to think about the dark evenings to come. For those in the hospitality industry, Christmas is an incredibly busy and financially crucial time in the annual calendar. With such stiff competition for customers, restaurants, hotels and pubs need to find innovative ways to differentiate their experience in order to attract and retain new clientele. An update to your furniture which allows you to create a perfect festive atmosphere could make a huge difference to your success over the holiday season

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Dining Tables

With restaurants and cafes cashing in over Christmas on more people eating out, it’s important that dining tables are in good condition and of similar height, so that they can be easily pushed together to cater for larger groups. Restaurants might benefit from a re-think on how to cater the maximum number of covers per sq. ft. by making adjustments to the size, shape and layout of tables. Generally, square or rectangular tables will allow optimum space utilisation rather than round ones. One of our popular designs, the Bistro  from our Vintage and Industrial collection could be a perfect choice – a functional rectangular table with an attractive walnut finish top complimented with gunmetal frame.

Pubs and restaurants often make an effort to create a welcoming festive atmosphere by dressing up the bar or front of house area. Darker, rich colours can be used to give your customers the sense of opulence and indulgence that often goes with the Christmas vibe, encouraging them to stay longer and eat and drink plenty. Darker reds, greens and golds are Christmas colours which can be incorporated into your theme through the use of table runners, cloths and decorations.

Dining Chairs

With Christmas time bringing in larger groups and more clients generally, it’s important to have chairs which are easy to move around. Dragging heavy furniture around is not only difficult for your staff but could also cause damage to your floors. Lighter chairs, such as our P1975S Side Chairs, that can be easily lifted and stacked without risk of any health and safety issues are ideal for the festive season, helping your customers have a more enjoyable experience. Festive colours can also be used in the upholstery to complete your look for the upcoming season.

Pubs & bars

Increasing your trade means finding innovative ways to make space for extra customers over the festive season. Bars and pubs can utilise smaller areas and alcoves to accommodate individuals or couples, by adding an armchair and side table in a tucked away corner. Larger groups can also be accommodated with Homa Poseur Tables (matching swivel high stool P2085HS or see our new Vintage and Industrial collection) this furniture can save space and allow maximum occupancy.

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Above all, it’s important to ensure that your furniture is in good condition as the holiday season approaches and deal quickly with any lopsided tables and wobbly chair legs to prevent injuries to staff and customers and to ensure that everyone who visits your establishment has the best possible experience.

If you want to refurbish your restaurant or bar area in time for this Christmas, get in contact with us at GBN Primo as soon as possible so that we can help you finish your project well in advance of Santa’s arrival.

Call us now on 01992 709420 or email on and we will get back to you very soon.

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