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Chairs Introducing Colour To Your Cafe

12 Dec 2019

A change is just as good as a rest in 2020 revitalising the existing look of your café space

Chairs are pivotal in the furniture set-up of any restaurant, bistro or cafe – this much is obvious.  Depending on the type of café or restaurant you operate, you may look at particular styles, makes, constructions and more besides – but when it comes to revitalising the existing look of your café space, you can do far worse than consider the effect that colour can have upon your customers.  Luckily, when it comes to seating, it’s easier than ever to pick from a variety of colours, shades and looks to appeal to a wider range of people than ever before.


Revitalise Your Space

A change is just as good as a rest, and changing your restaurant chairs and seating around is going to be very noticeable for those who attend your café regularly.  Why not mark a new season by changing your seating options around?  If you haven’t made changes to your seating for some time or want to breathe new life into your café space, looking for new chairs is perhaps one of the best options to take.


Go Plastic

Plastic chairs, when used in the right environment, can be a huge selling point for your café.  Not only are the best models extremely durable as well as lightweight and easy to stack and store, there is an almost unlimited range of looks and colours you can opt for.  Plastic chairs are available in vibrant ranges to help embellish any café’s look both inside and out – they are particularly useful for outdoor spaces as they can be easily moved and stacked away in case of poor weather – and what’s more, with warmer days approaching, you’re going to need to focus on bright, vibrant colours to really monopolise on the summer trade.  Plastic chairs are robust enough for outdoor dining and drinking and they can be versatile enough to fit the look of any establishment.


Go Metal

Metal chairs offer a particular look that’s really modern and, in some cases, quite niche.  Some metal chairs have that industrial look which is rather popular with certain crowds, but beyond the simple aesthetics, it’s the durability and the overall performance that counts.  Offering a perhaps more robust, elegant look as opposed to traditional plastic seating, metal frame chairs are just as stackable and are just as effective for outdoor dining and drinking.  They hold their own luxury touch and feel, making them somewhat unique if used in the right way – if going for a striking look is high on your agenda, you may consider going metal ahead of going plastic, though we can certainly see the appeal in both options.


If you’re stuck for ideas or would like to know more – call GBN Primo today on 01992 709 420 – and let us help to re-energise your café’s unique look and feel.

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