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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Bar Tables

02 Dec 2019

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Bar Tables 2020

Getting the right look for your bar or pub isn’t just about decoration, lighting and menus – it’s just as much about comfort and practicality, too.  Your bar tables are going to be where your customers will be spending most of their time with you – which means, when kitting out your bar or restaurant space, you are going to need to think very carefully indeed about the choices that you make.  As specialists in bar and restaurant furniture, GBN Primo are here to help you with a world of choice and some great ideas to bring into any eating and drinking space.  Here are four things we think you should really consider before you leap into any purchase any time soon.


Know What You’re Looking For

When shopping for bar tables, it’s generally a very good idea to already have some sort of concept in mind.  While plenty of successful bars have kitted out their spaces on a whim or two, it really does pay to have a theme and concept in mind.  Not only will this help to keep things in theme and looking great, but it will appeal more to your customers to have furniture which matches up.  Bits and pieces from various collections and in various styles aren’t necessarily going to cut it.

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Think About Space

This is a crucial one – it may seem obvious, but considering space before you buy any kind of furniture is important.  Bar tables are no different.  When you are kitting out a bar or restaurant, you are going to need to make sure you offer enough space for customers to be able to move around, to drink, dine and be comfortable.  There is absolutely no point in cramming a space full of tables and chairs.


Table Material

Consider material for your tables which will fit and embellish your existing space, theme and interior design.  Have you considered creating an inviting look with resin, granite, laminate or wood?  Similarly, you should always be making sure that other furniture lines up well with your tables.  If your chairs don’t match your tables, for example, they are going to stick out in a very awkward way indeed.


Table Height

Finally, we suggest you consider the height of your tables very carefully during the measurement process.  This is because you are going to need to take your chairs into close consideration, too.  What will make for a comfortable height for your customers to sit and drink/eat at?  If you need advice or would like to think about custom heights and table designs, consult our team at GBN Primo today – call us on 01992 709 420 or email us further!

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