4 Common Mistakes Buying Restaurant Furniture 2020
Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Restaurant Furniture Cover

4 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Restaurant Furniture 2020

05 Dec 2019

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Whether you are an experienced restaurant owner, someone who prides themselves on their eye for detail or are just getting started in kitting your bistro, café or eatery out for the first time, there are a number of factors you might either be overlooking or considering in the least efficient way for your business.  It’s all too easy to do some of these things without even realising – so let’s take a quick look at some of the most common mistakes even experienced or seasoned restauranteurs make when it comes to buying contract restaurant furniture.

1.Space Concerns


restaurants, bars and bistros– and for your guests and patrons, so is comfort.  No one wants to be squashed or squeezed into a space, or even made to feel like an afterthought – therefore, it’s essential to take a sensible survey of your existing space before you start purchasing seating and restaurant dining tables.  Overfilling is very easy indeed – and you’re going to want to maximise comfort and practicality as much as you are going to want to emphasise a certain look and feel.


 2. Measuring Up


This moves us on nicely to the nitty gritty factors – get your measurements right!  While you are, of course, perfectly free to buy up and mix and match various combinations of seating and tables to fit into your restaurant, it’s going to need to be provisioned in such a way that it doesn’t restrict the movements of your patrons.  Furthermore, consider sensibly pairing up the furniture you buy so that seating can comfortably fit with tables – our catalogue has a stack of ideas to help you.

Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Restaurant Furniture

3. Customer Focus


One of the most important aspects of a restaurant – apart from the food, of course – is the atmosphere.  Always have a good idea as to what look and feel you are aiming for – as one which is poorly organised or mixed and unmatched will clash and collide in visitors’ minds.  Comfort comes not only with great seating – which you should also focus on – but also with décor and style.  Put yourself in your customers’ shoes – would you be inspired to come back for another visit?


4. Go Green


More and more of us are now more environmentally aware than we ever have been, and our collection at GBN Primo is focused on durability and careful contract furniture manufacture as much as it is on creating striking new looks.  Your focus, too, should be on opting for durable, long-lasting and great-looking furniture – practical and responsible – which weather the years and therefore reduce the chance of wastage.  Be more conscious about the choices you make – it is a common oversight that befalls even the most seasoned of restaurateurs.



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